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Virtual worlds are our passion. That's why only the best solutions make it into our portfolio.

Why Frame?


Frame is a product from Virbela. Frame makes it easy to communicate and collaborate in 3D environments, right from your web browser.

Frame can be run on PCs, mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, but especially with a VR headset.

As a strategic partner of Frame in the European region, we provide you with the necessary support to take the right step into a virtual world. Customers rely on our German-speaking support. You will also receive best practices and recommendations from us.

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Why Virbela?


The future of working, learning, and meeting is Virbela. Virbela is a locally installed client that is the perfect complement to Frame, which runs in the browser.

Remote work should be liberating, not exhausting. Video chats and other tools make us lose touch and crave social interaction.

Virbela is the first virtual world platform designed specifically to meet the challenges of remote collaboration. Meet - host events - hold classes and manage your entire remote workforce - all in an immersive and engaging 3D world.

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