Worlds first
interactive API

From Telegram-Messenger to your corporate Website
and than to your Web3.0 Metaverse

Developed by

MyVerse GmbH

Welcome to the MyVerse Fizzler™

Welcome to the future of enterprise communications.
With our API, you can now send messages from Telegram directly to your corporate website and sync them live to your Metaverse worlds. The path to your WEB 3.0 has never been easier. Transform your customer experience and generate more business through your website.
With our solution, you provide your customers with real-time updates tailored to their needs and interests. Your message will reach more people faster than ever before.

No hassle with any middleware.

No portals where you have to provide your data.

Best of all:
You reduce the risk of a cyberattack.
You no longer manage your user rights "internally" in your security and critical infrastructure - but far away and externally in Messenger and thus unreachable by your network. We are especially proud

That we are 100% GDPR compliant

that MyVerse Fizzler™ is digitized in Germany in a meaningful and efficient way

to accompany you on your way to WEB 3.0.

Our team will help you make the transition quickly, securely and successfully. Join us and usher in a new era of corporate communications today!

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