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Create your own virtual world with MyVerse.
A world that complements your real work model - hybrid & on-site - in the most positive way. Corporate culture knows no bounds and exists everywhere. Expand the characteristics of your existing workplace through immersion and diversity. Promote diversity with virtual worlds.

The "virtual" world belongs to the brave

Join the shining examples of the companies that benefit from our creative ideas and have dared to take the first important step into virtual territory.
You profit from us through:

27 years of experience in the IT infrastructure business

Tried & tested approaches

Standardised solutions

Custom virtual environments

VR design consulting

Photo Spheres

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Augment your business with us

Experience your own personal breakthrough as a company in digitalization with us!
We work for you and with SMEs:

Create your verse

We’re already developing exciting new technologies that will help people connect and explore in the metaverse.

Build your own world with Frame

Virtual world

Set up your own virtual 3D environment, accessible via browser, with or without VR goggles. With only a few minutes of effort, you’re all set to start customizing one of the many available pre-designed 3D environments for Frame.

Add and deploy many forms of content like 3D models, PDFs, images, videos, clickable web links, whiteboards for collaborative brain storming and much more to your personal Frame.

Design showrooms, virtual walk-in CVs, arrange public speaking locations, present your creative content or just hang out with your friends. Custom-tailor your Frame to countless use cases and get notified whenever someone enters your Frame.

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Huge selection of 360° imagery

360° Pictures

The easiest way to improve the immersion of virtual worlds is by placing beautiful sceneries in their background, to provide a spatial, photographic context for your environment.

Thus, we believe that virtual worlds represent the ultimate use case for 360° images. This is why we are building one the first end consumer libraries exclusively for 360° images.

Make use of our growing selection of 360° images, specifically tuned to fit into FrameVR. Our images won’t be too heavy for either, your browser or your credit card.

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Become a vendor and earn money

MyVerse Professional Network

You’re a creator of 3D environments yourself? You’re passionate about shooting 360° imagery? Join our WebShop (comming soon) and become a vendor yourself.

Generate a second stream of income by receiving attractive license fees from users deploying your environments or images in their projects.

Have your works promoted free of charge, based on their popularity among users, and always stay in full control of your intellectual property.

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