Host your world
with FrameVR

FrameVR is a browser-based software for communication & collaboration in 3D environments.

Fully responsive

FrameVR is a browser-based software. It can be launched from any device that has a browser.

Customized worlds

Worlds can be created, uploaded and customized. Unlimmited use cases for any users.

Up to 100 users and more

One FrameVR supports up to 100 users and more. With connected frames the user's amount has no limit.


Adaption of the environment's background through the upload and use of different 3D-Spheres.

Connected Frames

"Moving" between any FrameVR by just one click. Grow your projects with multiple worlds.

GDPR compliant servers

The FrameVR can be hosted on GDPR compliant servers ... so no worries about GDPR violations.


Easy to learn


FrameVR provides a very smooth user experience. People visiting your FrameVR for the first time will hardly need more than a few minutes to get along. Beyond basic user controls, even the entire setup and customization is uniquely intuitive and easy to learn.

Within an hour you can learn all the necessary basics in order to setup your very own Frame for whatever plans you have with it.

Highly customizable


Deploy and modify existing environments within FrameVR, or upload entirely custom-made environments. Enrich them based on your personal needs, with 3D models, that you either created yourself, or choose from a huge selection of free to use models via FrameVR’s integrated access to

To add even more content to your Frame, you can choose from a growing variety of supported file and document types like PDFs, images, embedded video and audio files to create a modern multimedia experience, and even add embedded web links to those objects.


Connected Worlds


Attach a clickable link to almost any object within your FrameVR, to open another tab or show a page in an embedded window.

On top of that, clicking an object within FrameVR can also teleport you to a different location within your FrameVR, or to another FrameVR altogether. With this feature you can easily "jump" between worlds just by one click inside your FrameVR.


Re-Usage of existing content


This is one of the main strengths of FrameVR when it comes to integrating existing elements. In addition, external videos can be integrated via an IFrame in order to provide content for mobile devices in a resource-saving way.

Almost all existing texts, documents, videos or relevant documentation can be reused within a FrameVR. The first step into a virtual world is thus significantly easier and can be immediately filled with "life".

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