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Our Mission

Create your own virtual world with MyVerse.
A world that complements your real work model - hybrid & on-site - in the most positive way.

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Here at MyVerse, a group of tech enthusiasts has gathered to professionally continue the exploration of extended reality, that each us has been privately pursuing since the early 2000s. With our place of origin being an IT consultancy, we also had early exposure to the New Work paradigm, whose implementation we’re now furthering with the help of XR technology.

Since the first lockdown, we are focused on developing and shaping what we call the immersive workplace. A continually evolving set of tools, enabling employees to partake in the geographically decentralized operation of companies, as we deem this to be the contemporary way of doing business.

As we like to say, the Metaverse is a verse that rhymes with reality. Based on that, MyVerse intends to enable the creation of personalized virtual worlds, matching whatever aspects of your personal or professional life, which you’d like to transfer into the virtual realm. To this end, our enterprise rests on three pillars, supporting our customers on the journey towards a future proof work life. These pillars are:

  • Assisting companies in unlocking the potential of virtual worlds
  • Providing a marketplace for XR services, environments and 360° foto spheres
  • Creating a dedicated immersive workplace XR platform

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