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Digitization that moves Germany forward with the MyVerse Fizzler™

CEO/FOUNDER (Mission Top5): Dan Bauer

"One of the biggest challenges of the "Mission Top 5" is to make all the important content and the successes of its partners and pilots of the different target groups and platforms visible. A prospective customer rarely visits all possible external sources - and even less those of the members, as he does not even know them at this point.

So we were looking for something where we could quickly and easily unify and share all the positive feedback. That's exactly what MyVerse Fizzler™ from MyVerse GmbH does. We collect the contributions from our pilots, partners and ambassadors in our "Interactive News" and turn them into dynamic media directly on our website. From any platforms. The best part is that the necessary write permissions are administrated far away from our IT infrastructure in Messenger. Which ensures that only authorized people are allowed to write content.

The handling for us is as simple and fast as you know it from a messenger.

  • New partners joining the "Mission Top 5"

  • an important event that wants to be shared or

  • implemented projects of equally successful companies

with the MyVerse Fizzler™, we now present our partners and the Mission Top 5 in a fully dynamic way, showcasing what we want to achieve with our mission:
Digitization that moves Germany forward.
Fast and to the point with the MyVerse Fizzler™

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Contributing to a Company’s Information Culture with MyVerse Fizzler™

CEO: Boris Franklin

"My company has to be innovative and act swiftly. A simple and precise information policy is paramount, interally and externally alike. The MyVerse Fizzler™ enables us to proactively inform our customers, to even reach them in the virtual world and thus, establish a simple interface to the web 3.0.

For example, our talented employees have a pragmatic way to contribute their experience directly and easily reach many channels concurrently. This saves us time. Short information paths then help us enormously to reduce risks and effort"

Allocate Marketing Ressources efficiently with MyVerse Fizzler™

Head of Marketing: Leia Lin

"Channeling sophisticated content from a wide variety of sources is a central task in marketing

Many users come together, and they all have to be managed. The "MyVerse Fizzler" helps to aggregate content delivered by experts without having to create new users in our "internal" systems. This saves us a lot of regularly changing internal approval processes, because the administration of the users within the messenger is handled far away from our internal critical systems. Thus, our security officer is happy about this as well and we get the content from the specialist departments quickly posted on the website."

"MyVerse Fizzler" simplifies the process by allowing us to quickly add or delete users or edit posts. Supporting our specialist teams now happens in near real time and creates great WOW effects.

Teamwork with MyVerse Fizzler™

Marketing Specialist: Andrea Friedberg

"It's great to see how much our colleagues from other departments contribute to the success of our marketing presence by using "MyVerse Fizzler".

There is no need for lengthy editing or "rewriting"-sessions anymore, which used to result in contributions that are rather technical. On the other hand, the direct communication via "MyVerse Fizzler" preserves a human touch that is otherwise lost through many discussions. This makes it easier for readers to build trust in our brand."

Threat Management with MyVerse Fizzler™

Director Professional Services: Frederic Wheasel

"As technical director, I am proud to have built a group of highly qualified employees who are working together like a clockwork.

Our ability to act quickly and accurately in urgent situations - but more importantly, to stay informed - has been essential in keeping our customers happy and preventing potentially catastrophic consequences. The team knows exactly what to do when new security breaches are emerging.

The fact that this expertise can be shared so quickly with others through "MyVerse Fizzler" helps to secure organizations and minimize risk."

Risk Prevention with MyVerse Fizzler™

Senior Consultant Security: Sin Tzu

"As a team, we have years of experience in how different elements of technology work together.

We strive to offer our customers options that are tailored to their specific needs and make sure they have all the information they need about how to protect their systems from malware. Therefore, we consider it very important to offer the best possible messaging service for sending and receiving sensitive information.

"MyVerse Fizzler" has withstood our scrutiny and has established itself as an important information tool towards customers and the marketing department."

Threat Management and Prevention with MyVerse Fizzler™

Customer Perspective: Andre Wilson

"It was only because I received the info from our experts in time, that I was spared from a potentially damaging cyberattack.

Cyberattacks are becoming an increasingly common threat in the digital age, and the consequence of this attack would have been catastrophic. Fortunately, with our service provider's proactive information culture, I was able to take appropriate security measures before it was too late. This included the timely import of a critical update, which we otherwise would not have noticed. We were therefore spared an attack, unlike many other companies."

Security Awareness Room with Live Updates via MyVerse Fizzler™

Customer Perspective: Ben Johnson

"The cost of having listened to good advice in time through proactive information is far less than the cost associated with repairing the damage caused by an attack.

Through immersive security awareness training in virtual rooms, we have been able to develop significantly more awareness of security after a cyber attack and maintain knowledge of it through cyclical updates. Updates are linked from a wide variety of sources, but are presented comprehensively in a single location through the "MyVerse Fizzler." MyVerse GmbH thus relieves us on many levels and keeps our colleagues all up to date."

Display of Success Stories, Linked to Social Media Platforms

Head of Procurement: Vanessa Vesting

"As the responsible head of procurement, I know how important it is to build and maintain trust with my suppliers. Transparency is key. When you report on successful projects or experiences, buyers have more confidence in their decision-making process.

This also promotes honest communication about expectations and outcomes for future orders. If our suppliers present their successes in a meaningful way and ideally even link to the partners - as people are used to from social media platforms - then this helps us. However, meaningful does not have to imply elaborate preparation by the marketing department. A clear indication of which customer did what specifically already helps me to form a picture."

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